Threads Character Limit (2023): All You Need To Know

With the global launch of Meta’s Threads, many in the community are drawing comparisons to Twitter and considering it one of the platform’s biggest competitors. 

Although Threads is not a standalone app, its text-based conversation resembles Twitter, sparking curiosity about common features between the two platforms.

One prominent question revolves around character limits, and whether Threads imposes a similar restriction on the number of words per post like Twitter does. 

The answer is YES, Threads indeed have a character limit, and users must adhere to a specific number of characters and images per post.

In this article, we will take a look at this character limit and where it stands in comparison to Twitter. 

What Is The Character Limit on Threads?

Meta’s Threads has garnered attention for its similarities to Twitter, positioning itself as a significant competitor.

When using Threads, each post is subject to a 500-character limit. This feature mirrors Twitter’s restriction, requiring users to express themselves within this limit when making a post. 

If you need to convey more information, starting a thread on Twitter becomes a viable option, making Meta’s new app a text-focused conversation platform.

Photo and Video Limitations on Threads

In terms of photos and images, Threads allows a maximum of 10 uploads per post. Videos, on the other hand, must not exceed five minutes in length to be successfully posted on your profile.

While the platform currently lacks the capability to upload GIFs to posts, Meta intends to introduce this feature in future updates, expanding the multimedia options available.

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Threads app also has several other Twitter-like features. Users can control who can comment on their posts, block and report other users, and restrict interactions with certain profiles. 

Notably, profiles that have already been blocked on Instagram will automatically be blocked on Threads as well, streamlining the user experience. 

Meta has also confirmed that the platform will be made compatible with ActivityPub in an upcoming update.

Furthermore, users have the opportunity to get their accounts verified. If you are already verified on Instagram, you are spared the trouble of undergoing the verification process again, as your verification status carries over to Threads.

This is everything that you need to know about the Threads app Character Limits. We hope that this guide was helpful to you.  

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