How To Post GIFs On Threads (2023) – Complete Guide

Meta has come out with a new social media app Threads. It is equivalent to Twitter but with some key differences. Just like on Twitter, users can like or repost them to their own feeds.

To make your Instagram Threads posts more interesting, users should add a GIF. But there is no GIF button on Threads. That’s left many users wondering how to post GIFs on Threads.

It is no secret that posting GIFs on Twitter is easy as it has a GIF button but Threads do not have that option. Threads does not have a button to send GIFs, it does not mean that you can’t post GIFs on Threads.

In our step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of posting or sending GIFs on Instagram Threads.

How to Post GIFs on Threads?

Unlike images, videos, and text, posting GIFs on Threads is a bit different. Since Threads does not have a dedicated button for GIFs, many users are having trouble posting GIFs on the platform.

If you too want to post or send GIFs on Threads but don’t know how then don’t worry, we have brought you a bunch of ways that you can use right now.

Method 1: Download & Attach

  • Go to Google and download the GIF you want to share on Threads.
  • Once downloaded, open the Threads app.
Post GIFs on Threads App
  • Select the “New Thread” button. 
  • Select the paperclip icon underneath the text field
Post GIFs on Threads App
  • Give Threads access to your photo gallery.
  • Select the downloaded GIF and attach it to your post.
Post GIFs on Threads App
  • Add text to the GIF 
  • Subsequently, click on “Post”.
Post GIFs on Threads App
  • That’s it.

Method 2: Use the GIPHY keyboard

  • Go to the App Store
  • Download GIPHY.
  • Open GIPHY and log in
  • Go to Settings and select General 
  • Click on Keyboard and then select Add New Keyboard
  • Click GIPHY under Third-Party Keyboards.
  • GIPHY will be listed as a keyboard.
  • Click on it for Allow Full Access.
  • Now, open the Threads app
  • Select the “New thread” button.
  • Select the globe icon to open GIPHY. 
  • Search for and copy the GIF you want to use.
  • Paste it into the text field
  • Your chosen GIF will now appear below the text field.
  • That’s it.

That’s all you need to know about how to post GIFs on Threads app.

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