Will Deleting Threads Account Delete Your Instagram Account? – ANSWERED

Threads, a new social media platform from Meta, was launched on July 6, 2023, and has gained immense popularity since its debut. To use Threads, users must have an Instagram account.

As it uses Instagram credentials to log in there are many questions uppermost in the user’s mind, one of them being does Deleting Threads Account Delete Their Instagram Account?

In this post, we shall reveal all about the connection between Threads and Instagram and if deleting Threads account deletes your Instagram account.

Threads and Instagram are closely connected as it uses Instagram credentials to log in and allows users to sync information across the platform including followings, verification status, username, and more. 

So here is the answer to your question Does Deleting Threads Account Delete Your Instagram too?

Does Deleting Threads Account Delete Your Instagram Account?

The answer is YES, if you are trying to delete your Threads account, you cannot do so without deleting your Instagram account. Since the two are closely linked together.

So if you want to delete your Threads Account, you’ll have to lose your Instagram account as well.

How to Delete Threads Account Without Deleting Instagram?

Deleting the Threads Account deletes your Instagram too as one cannot delete the Threads account without deleting the Instagram account. Also if you delete your Instagram account then your Thread account will also be deleted.

But one can deactivate the Threads account without deleting their Instagram account. Deactivating your Threads account will temporarily hide your profile from other users.

You can reactivate your Threads account whenever you want. It will not affect your Instagram account. Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri shared a post confirming the same. 

As per Meta’s Supplemental Privacy Policy, you need to delete your Instagram account to be able to delete your Threads profile. But one may deactivate your Threads profile at any time. They further added that one can delete a Threads profile only by deleting the Instagram account. 

How To Deactivate Threads Account

If a user wishes to deactivate their Threads account they can do so without wiping their Instagram Account.

  • Head to your profile.
  • Press the three-lined button in the corner. 
  • Go to the Settings page.
  • Tap on Account and click on Deactivate profile.
  • You will be asked to confirm.
  • Post confirmation, your account will be deactivated until you reactivate it again.

The users on Threads can delete individual posts or temporarily deactivate their accounts. It means that their posts won’t be visible to others until they choose to reactivate. So while the account will be hidden it won’t be fully deleted.

Threads is currently in its early stage, but we can expect significant updates in the coming days all thanks to its growing popularity. Hope this article has helped one to know if deleting Threads account Delete their Instagram account.

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