Threads App

Threads App is a social networking platform owned by an American company named Meta Platforms.

Launched as a Twitter alternative, the Threads app has a pretty similar interface to Twitter. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, users can post threads, reply to others and follow their favourite people on Threads.

What makes Threads a real competitor to Twitter is it lets users reply in the form of text, links, photos and videos.

The launch of Threads comes a few days after Elon Musk launched a new policy, restricting regular users to view over 600 Tweets a day. Ever since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, there have been numerous controversies that forced people to look for an alternative.

If you are one of those users then Threads is a great option for you. There is no denying that Threads does not have enough audience right now but don’t forget that it is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, who has a loyal user base of billions of people.

Notably, our website is dedicated to Instagram Threads only. Here, we will cover everything about the application.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What Is Threads?

Threads App official

Threads is a platform created by Meta’s Instagram team, allowing users across the world to publish posts in the form of links, photos, or videos for up to five minutes. This application is linked to an Instagram account and if you post anything to Threads, it will show up to your Instagram followers.

If they want to see your Threads posts, they will have to create an account on Threads.  

According to Meta, you can “easily share a Threads post to your Instagram story, or share your post as a link on any other platform you choose.

Notably, your Threads feed will have posts from people and profiles you follow on Instagram and Threads. Apart from those posts, you will be shown some posts as a recommendation.

Like Twitter, Threads does have an option allowing you to filter specific words from your feed and select who can see your posts based on your profile’s privacy settings.

If you have not downloaded the Threads app yet, you can download it for your Android and iOS devices by clicking on the below buttons.

How to Download Threads App For Free?

The official Threads app has finally been released on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Unfortunately, a lot of users who wish to download the Threads app on their devices are having trouble downloading it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If you are one of those users then you can download it by clicking on the below buttons.

google play store
iOS app store

If you download the Thread apk file by clicking on the above link, you will have to enable the ‘Install from unknown sources’ option before you begin the installation process.

Once enabled, you can install it on your Android device and sign up using your Instagram account.

Once signed up, you can start publishing posts on Threads.

How to Start A Thread On Threads App?

The process of starting a Thread on Threads app is pretty easy. All you need to do is follow the steps written below:

Step 1. First, download and install the Threads app by clicking on the above link.

Step 2. Once installed, launch the app and sign up using Instagram.

Step 3. Once signed up, tap on the  Post icon located in the middle or bottom of the screen.

Step 4. When you do so for the first time, you will be asked to grant permission. Make sure to grant permission.

Step 5. Once granted, tap on the  Attach icon and select up to 10 photos or videos that you want to add to your thread.

Step 6. Once selected, tap on the ‘Done’ or ‘Add’ button on your Android or iPhone, respectively.

Step 7. If you want to add more photos or videos to your thread, tap on the ‘Add to Thread’ option.

Step 8. Notably, if your thread already has more than 500 characters, a new thread will automatically be added.

Step 9. If you don’t want other people to reply to your thread, tap on the ‘Anyone can reply’ option located at the bottom and select an option accordingly.

Step 10. There are three options to choose from — Anyone, Profiles you follow and Mentioend Only.

Step 11. Once selected, tap on the Post button to publish your thread on the Threads App.

Note: If you limit replies, your thread would not be shared with your fediverse followers.

To learn more about Fediverse followers, click on the link.

Instagram Threads App FAQs

Do Hashtags Work on Threads?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO. Like Twitter and Instagram, you can’t use hashtags on Threads to reach a broader audience.

Can We Filter Content On Threads?

Yes, Threads has an in-built filter tool allowing users across the world to control who can mention you or reply on Threads.

Can I Import Instagram Followers in Threads?

Yes, Threads has an option allowing users to import their Instagram followers.

Can I Use Threads Without Signing Up?

No, you can’t use Threads without using your Instagram account.

If you don’t have an account on Instagram, create one and then sign up using that account on Threads.

How Do I Download Meta Threads?

The process of downloading Meta Threads is very simple. However, if you don’t know the process then follow the steps written below:

  1. First, go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Now, search for Instagram Threads.
  3. Now, tap on the ‘Install’ button and wait until the app is installed.
  4. Once installed, tap on the ‘Open’ button.
  5. Now, sign up using your Instagram account.
  6. Once signed up, enjoy it.
  7. That’s it.

Is Threads App Available in India?

Yes, the Threads app is available in more than 100 countries including India. If you live in a country where the Threads App is not released yet, you can download Threads App Apk by clicking on the above button.

Do I Need Instagram To Use Threads?

Yes, you must have an Instagram account to sign up on Threads. Since this new application act as an Instagram extension, you should have an Instagram account to use Meta Threads.

Can I Use Threads On PC?

The answer is NO. The application is currently available for Android and iOS devices. As soon as Threads become available for Windows or PC, we will update this post.

How to Enable Threads Dark Mode?

Unfortunately, there is no in-built option that allows users to use the Threads app in dark mode. However, if you wish to use the Threads app in Dark Mode, you need to go to Settings > Display > Dark Mode > Launch Threads App.

How to Delete Threads Account?

To delete your Threads account, you need to tap on your Profile > Two Lines Menu > Account > Deactivate Profile > Deactivate Threads Profile > Confirm Deactivate.

When you do so, you will have your Threads account deleted.